ClinCard Quick Facts

Clincard- Useful Facts

  • Works like a debit card , use it anywhere MasterCard is accepted, including online
  • Payment for each study activity will be added to the card
  • Use the card during the study and after it is over - ClinCard will start charging $4.50/month if your card is inactive for 6 months.

Treat your card like cash and keep it safe!

If your card is lost or stolen, immediately call the RxPix Study Team at (415) 638-2563 to request a replacement card. We will cancel your card and provide one replacement with your remaining balance.

How to use the Clincard:

  • First, text the RxPix Study team when you receive your card in the mail
  • Next, activate your card, set a PIN, and sign your card
  • Use it like a credit or debit card
  • Use it at an ATM (there will be a $3 ClinCard fee per withdrawal, plus any individual ATM fees)
  • To avoid any fees when withdrawing cash, use your Clincard at banks: show your Photo ID to withdraw cash. No fees charged with a teller, ATM cash withdraws will charge you a fee.

Who to call if you have questions:

RxPix Study Team:
(415) 638-2563
[email protected]

-Lost or stolen cards
-Payments for study activities you’ve completed

ClinCard Customer Service:
(866) 952-3795

-Available 24/7
-Card balances
-Any other questions